Chelsea Healthy Food Summit

Would you like to understand the opportunities and challenges in providing access to healthy and affordable food in Chelsea? Are you interested in moving Chelsea from food insecure to healthy? Then, come and collaborate with us in creating sustainable solutions!

Sage Loomis

Sage Loomis is a FoodCorps Service member, she works with students from pre-k through 4th grade… Read More

Reducing Youth Substance Use

In response to the devastating impact of opioid addiction and rising overdose rates, the Chelsea community has resolved to implement proven strategies to prevent substance use disorders, improve access to care and treatment, and increase public safety. Drug Free Communities … Read More

Working Toward a Trauma-Sensitive City

Research shows that experiencing trauma, such as abuse, neglect or witnessing violence, has a tremendous lifelong impact on an individual’s health and quality of life.  With each additional trauma, a person is at greater risk of experiencing negative behavioral and … Read More

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