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Displacement threats still looming for too many families

Displacement threats still looming for too many families
This week we celebrated as Governor Baker signed into law a moratorium on COVID-19 related evictions and foreclosures. While this is a huge victory for our communities and will keep many families stably housed throughout the crisis, our work is not done.
Consuelo Esperanza Alvarado is a single mom with two daughters, ages 15 and 12. For the past four years, she has subleased a single room in a five-bedroom Chelsea apartment for $700/month. On March 27, Consuelo tested positive for COVID and was forced to leave her job working nights at a fish market in order to quarantine. Nearly a month later, she’s still sick, without income, and wondering what will happen to her family when she can’t pay her rent on May 1. She’s facing verbal harassment from the lease holder of her apartment and worries about her daughters, who have witnessed the harassment and are afraid of losing their home – particularly with their mom still so sick.
Consuelo is one of thousands of tenants in Chelsea who are subleasing rooms informally, without any lease agreements on record. Their rights as tenants are unclear, and they are still vulnerable to harassment, intimidation, and displacement at the hands of their lease holders.
The Chelsea Collaborative is currently supporting more than 900 families in Chelsea alone who believe they are at significant risk for displacement in the next two weeks. Most of these are subleasing tenants. Many are sick and already behind on rent. They’re being asked to leave their apartments and are unsure of their rights under the new law. They wonder how they’ll ever catch up on rent payments when the moratorium ends and back payments are due.
We are working with these families and housing attorneys to determine legal protections available, inform tenants of their rights, help mediate housing situations, connect to rental assistance programs, setup payment plans for back rent, and secure new emergency housing for displaced individuals and families as needed.
We need better options and more resources to keep everyone stably housed.
Long-term, we need a plan to keep families in their homes after the eviction moratorium, as rent payments are still due. We continue our call for local and state officials to take the following steps:
  • Expand rental assistance resources for more subleasing tenants to access funds and stay in their homes.
  • Conduct multilingual outreach to increase awareness of the eviction moratorium and tenants’ rights under the new law.
  • Grant rental amnesty to allow impacted families a chance to recover financially once the COVID-19 crisis passes.
  • Pass the Work and Family Mobility Act so individuals and families can access Residential Assistance for Families in Transition (RAFT) funding and other COVID-19 resources.
  • Pass Right to Counsel legislation and increase funding for civil legal aid when Governor Baker’s emergency order ends.
Feeding Chelsea
In response to overwhelming food insecurity in our community, the Chelsea Collaborative has expanded our pop-up food pantry and moved it to our headquarters at 318 Broadway in Chelsea. Staff and volunteers are also delivering food to vulnerable community members who cannot leave their homes. Food distributions are on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 5 pm. We are feeding 1,300+ community members each week. We are accepting food donations daily. Call 617-889-6080 to coordinate food donation drop-offs.
One Chelsea Fund
The One Chelsea Fund was established by the Chelsea Collaborative, Green Roots, and The Neighborhood Developers, with the United Way of Massachusetts Bay and Merrimack Valley to provide direct financial support to Chelsea families impacted by the COVID-19 virus. Qualifying families will receive financial support in the amount of $250. Families can request support by completing a short intake form, available here.

National Guard Food Pantries

While the COVID-19 crisis continues, Pop-Up Food Pantries operated by the National Guard will occur each day in two different locations Monday through Friday at 11 am. The City is increasing our supply of food to try to meet all needs.  While we ramp up production, we ask for patience. The food boxes we are providing are robust and should provide food for several days or more.  We want to accommodate all hungry families. Please return only if your household is in need. When you come to the Pop-up food pantries, please practice social distancing and wear a cloth mask. We will do our best to give everyone a box and will distribute boxes until they run out. If you do not get a box that day, please return the following day. 

For the schedule of pantry locations, check the City of Chelsea Facebook page at


Mientras la crisis de COVID-19 continue, las despensas de comida móviles operadas por la Guardia Nacional serán de lunes a viernes a las 11 am en dos diferentes lugares. La Ciudad está aumentando la cantidad de alimentos pero mientras tanto le pedimos que sea paciente y sea solidarios. Las cajas de alimentos que proporcionamos son grandes y proporcionan alimentos durante varios días o más. Queremos que todas las familias que lo necesitan reciban comida. Regrese solo si su hogar lo necesita. Cuando venga a las despensas de comida, practique la distancia social y use una mascarilla. Haremos todo lo posible para darles a todos una caja, pero lo haremos hasta que se acaben. Si no recibe uno ese día, devuelva el día siguiente.

Vea en la página de Facebook de la Ciudad el calendario.

Apollinaire honored with 9 Norton nominations!


The Strange Undoing of Prudencia Hart
Outstanding Production
Outstanding Ensemble
Outstanding Direction: Danielle Fauteux Jacques
Outstanding Actor: Brooks Reeves
Outstanding Actress: Becca A. Lewis
Outstanding Design: Elizabeth Rocha, David Reiffel, Danielle Fauteux Jacques
The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time
Outstanding Actor: Seamus G. Doyle
Cry It Out
Outstanding Actress: Lily Kaufman
Outstanding Actor: Alexander Pobutsky

We are so thrilled for this recognition of the work of our actors, designers,
and all the myriad people involved in bringing theater to life!
Our thanks to our supporters and subscribers who make it all possible!
It’s been great seeing so many of you online for Apollinaire@Home, and can’t wait to get back to seeing you at the theater and in the park!

Apollinaire Theatre invites you to
Apollinaire at Home
a free online play & film script
reading gathering

Thanks so much for your support
during this precarious time,

Please click here to donate by PayPal,

or contact us if you’d like to Sponsor
Apollinaire at Home.

(617) 887-2336

2 Women of Manhattan- All About Eve & Machinal * Apollinaire at Home

Apollinaire Theatre invites you to
Apollinaire at Home
a free online play & film script
reading gathering
(by video meeting)
(no need for stage fright, it’s not a performance!-
we’re gathering together to read for fun!)

This week’s schedule:

Thursday April 16, 7:30 (gather 7:00-7:30)
by Sophie Treadwell
•Hosted by Andrea Lyman

Friday April 17, 7:30 (gather 7:00-7:30)
All About Eve
by Joseph L. Mankiewicz
•Hosted by Danielle Fauteux Jacques

Saturday April 18, 7:30 (gather 7:00-7:30)
I Call My Brothers
by Jonas Hassen Khemiri
•Hosted by David Reiffel

Sunday April 19, 3:00 (gather 2:30-3:00)
The Princess Bride
By William Goldman from his Novel
•Hosted by Brooks Reeves

Thanks so much for your support
during this precarious time,

Please click here to donate by PayPal,

or contact us if you’d like to Sponsor
Apollinaire at Home.

(617) 887-2336

First up on Thursday

& Friday join us for
All About Eve

Here’s how it works:
Readings will be Thursday, Friday, and Saturday evenings at 7:30, and Sunday “matinee” at 3:00.

Getting Ready:
• Click the name of the Play/Movie on our homepage to get a link to the script. (or above)
To read the script you can
– download and print it, or
– read it on a separate phone/ipad/computer, or
– if your screen permits, you can be in the video conference and read it on the same screen.

The Event Begins:

• Log-in to the meeting, by clicking the date of the reading on our homepage. (or above)

• We will start to gather online in the video meeting room at 7:00pm. (2:30 Sunday)

— We would normally provide refreshments, but since Zoom doesn’t give us the option to hand you a glass of wine, we suggest having your own snacks and drinks at the ready.

• When you join, let us know if you are interested in reading a role or being part of the audience.

• At 7:30 (3:00 Sunday) sharp we’ll draw names, you’ll pick your role, and we’ll read!

• Following the reading, we’ll stay on line for a half hour for folks who’d like to discuss the play/film.

Looking forward to reading with you!!

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