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You are cordially invited to ROCA CIRCLE TRAINING IN SPANISH for leaders and aspiring leaders of the Chelsea and surrounding communities!

July 10 @ 4:00 pm - 8:00 pm

I would like to cordially invite all to join us for our upcoming, 3-day Circle Training in Spanish. Circles are a borrowed, Indigenous practice that serve as a community building and restoration tool that we at Roca consider a cornerstone of the work that we do with our young people. Circle Training is a life-changing experience that will exponentially benefit you and the work you do with high-risk youth. Circles intentionally create a sacred space that builds trust, respect, and mutuality. This is especially important for our young men and women who – maybe for the first time ever – have a voice and an opportunity to find common ground with others they may see as foreign from their own experiences. The process is never about “changing others”, but rather it is an invitation to change oneself and one’s relationship with the community. For this to work, we want all the different people who are engaged in the lives of young men and women in Chelsea and the surrounding communities to be present. For this training, we bring together young men and young women, police officers, probation officers, caseworkers, lawyers, street workers, and other community partners to help break down barriers between people and, in turn, opening fresh possibilities for connection, collaboration and mutual understanding.

We are honored that we will be able to share this practice with you, and excited to grow and learn together. We ask that you commit to be present for all three days of training. We know this is a substantial time commitment, but one that is paid back exponentially in hope and inspiration. Please do share with any one in the community that would be interested to participate.