Aminah Herzig

School Programs Manager

Aminah is a graduate of Framingham State University’s coordinated program in dietetics. She has a background in clinical and community nutrition. Aminah has worked as a group facilitator and nutrition counselor to provide up to date nutrition information while addressing physical activity, barriers to change, and self-esteem. Her teaching methods emphasize mindful eating and focusing on moderation rather than complete food elimination, when possible. Aminah’s areas of interest include community nutrition, healthy eating on a budget, and exploring food access in communities.

After schools shut down during the pandemic, Aminah stepped away from clinical nutrition to homeschool her three children. During that time, it was apparent that resources in the community were scarce and Aminah took a greater interest in public health and food access. She made and donated masks to healthcare workers and worked to identify families who would benefit from weekly food deliveries. With food available through the greater Boston Food Bank and local food pantries, Aminah was able to put together boxes of fresh and balanced meals and cater it to the particular needs of families and individuals. Setting up food pick up and delivery times, while taking into account cultural food preferences, food allergies and intolerances allowed for greater food access and less food waste.

During the pandemic, Aminah also worked within the Chelsea school district as manager of COVID-19 operations. This role allowed a greater insight into the struggles to achieve wellness during the pandemic and a greater appreciation for those in public health roles. Aminah aims to bring her enthusiasm and desire to grow and learn more about the needs within the community in the role of School Program Manager.

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