Cambridge Savings Charitable Foundation (CSCF) is pleased to support TND in their mission to increase the supply of affordable housing

CSCF will match donations made to TND in support of housing stability, up to a total donation amount of $30,000. For every $100 we raise, we leverage $2,000 in rental assistance for community members.


Richard Flores was first introduced to TND through Chelsea High School’s National Honor Society where he got involved with TND’s neighborhood and community beautification initiatives. Richard saw firsthand the positive impact that neighbors can have on a space when they work together.

“I know a lot of friends whose parents couldn’t afford housing and had to move to areas that were way more affordable. I’ve lost a lot of friendships.”

Richard joined the Housing Equity Committee to talk about difficult and complex issues in his community. The committee focuses on bringing community members in and giving them a space to speak up about their experiences and what they want the community to work on. The group formed last summer with technical support provided by TND’s Community Building team.

You know when you have that friend to lean on when you’re struggling? I feel like that’s what TND and the Housing Equity Committee have fulfilled for me.”

Richard Flores, Housing Equity Committee member


After experiencing housing concerns of his own, Richard decided to get involved with TND’s housing advocacy work: “My mom and I went from jumping from hotel to hotel a couple of months ago, to being able to afford a house in Chelsea. TND really helped a lot.” 


Though Richard’s early community memories left him feeling like he had to leave Chelsea, his recent involvement with The Neighborhood Developers and other local organizations has inspired him to build community wherever he can.

Families in Chelsea, Revere, and Everett are facing displacement due to rents that are no longer affordable. Richard is raising his voice in support of equitable housing solutions. Donate in support of keeping families, like Richard’s, in their homes and communities.

Join Cornerstone Partners

TND Announces a New Giving Opportunity 

We invite you to join our new monthly giving club, Cornerstone Partners. By joining this club you provide a stable foundation for individuals and families of Chelsea, Revere, and Everett. Everyone who joins in 2021 will have their name memorialized on a brick at the new St. Therese project opening in the spring of 2022 in Everett.