Chelsea High School Law and Public Policy and the Community Summit

Dear Community Partners,

Please join us for the Chelsea High School Annual Public Policy and Community Summit led by juniors and seniors in the Law and Public Policy Pathway on June 3rd, 2021 via zoom (link below. There will be 2 presentations from 12:30pm-2:25pm which will focus on 2 particular areas:

  1. Presenting their solution to the problems that they identify of students skipping classes 
  2. Increasing access to translation services in our community 

The safety summit invites students to step into the debate and welcome others to be part of the bigger conversation in order to explore many of the commonly cited arguments and come up with their own solutions to each, in order to become educated on the topic as a whole. Please feel free to share this invitation with other stakeholders and welcome them to hear from young people in our own community.

To RSVP ! Please complete this RSVP form by next Friday, May 28th, 2021.


Kimberley Murphy, Sam Baker, Cristina Tobar, Grace Noble, Rachel Barlage and Tania Baez

Zoom Room:

Meeting ID: 389 203 2354

Password: RachelZoom