College & Career Tuesdays at CHS

The CHS School Counselors have continued to host their College & Career Tuesdays for students to connect with representatives from different post-secondary institutions. February 17th, admissions representatives from Regis College held On the Spot Admissions for senior students who had previously submitted applications. Five CHS seniors were accepted on the spot. March 10th, admissions representatives from Suffolk University held interviews with twelve CHS seniors who previously submitted applications. These seniors will be receiving their admissions decisions shortly. March 16th, admissions representatives from Salem State University held On the Spot Admissions for 26 CHS seniors. 20 students were accepted on the spot and 6 completed the application during the session and will receive their admission decisions within the next couple of days. The CHS School Counselors are looking forward to hosting more On the Spot Admissions sessions with UMass Dartmouth and Framingham State in the coming weeks.