CPD vs CFD – Full Court Press on Cancer

RAFFLES ARE SEPARATE FROM GOFUNDME. $100 per raffle with only 300 available. Winner gets $10K and balance goes to Sammy & Louie.
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Help us support Chelsea Police Officers Sammy Mojica and Luis Rodriguez!
As some of you may know, both Sammy and Louie have been diagnosed with cancer. Sammy was diagnosed with Squamous Cell Cancer Stage 4 and Louie with Hodgkin Lymphoma Stage 4. Both are currently receiving treatment to win the fight of their lives.
As one can imagine, this process has taken a toll on their personal and financial lives to include members of their family who are also helping them along the way.
Collectively Sammy and Louie have been Chelsea Police Officers for over 40 years and have always answered the call to help others. I can go on and on about how great both Sammy and Louie are as police officers and all the great things they’ve done for the community, but let’s put that aside. What’s more important is that they are good people, good fathers, good sons and good friends. They’re the kind of guys that would be the first to step up and help out another person in any way they could. Now, they need our help.
So let’s give Sammy and Louie some financial support they need during these trying times with anything we can…no donation is too small.
Thank you!
For more info call or text Keith Sweeney 617-461-4057 or Mike Addonizio 617-913-5615