Free Professional Development Classes

We are actively recruiting for our next round of Professional Development classes, brought to you by IINE! This is our second class to be offered 100% virtually.

Students will not only improved their job readiness skills, but also gain irreplaceable confidence as they prepare to reenter the workforce. What can a professional development class from IINE do for you? 

  • Easy to follow classes that explain topics in an engaging way
  • Refine skills you haven’t used in a while
  • Make good use of your time – invest in yourself!
  • Gain confidence in skills and prepared for next step in your professional career

These classes are free of charge and taught by highly qualified professional experts who want you to achieve your dreams.

The next class will start on September 28th – call today to reserve your spot!

Call 617-279-0545 to learn more!



To meet the needs of the community, some of the services offered via the Resource Hotline have changed. We will no longer be providing tax prep, internet/technology help, or answering questions about the $1,200 “Stimulus” EIP Check. However, we still have a lot of great resources available!

Call today to speak to a specialist about:

  • Applying for rental assistance
  • Applying for SNAP “Food Stamps” Benefits
  • Applying for Unemployment Benefits and Insurance
Call 617-712-3487 today!



Para satisfacer las necesidades de la comunidad, hemos cambiado algunos de los servicios que se ofrecen a través de la línea directa de recursos han cambiado. Ya no ofreceremos preparación de impuestos, ayuda de Internet / tecnología ni responderemos a preguntas sobre el cheque EIP “Stimulus” de $ 1,200. Sin embargo, ¡todavía tenemos muchos recursos excelentes disponibles!

Llame ya para obtener ayuda de nuestros especialistas a:

  • Hacer una solicitud de los beneficios de SNAP “Cupones para alimentos”
  • Hacer una solicitud de beneficios de desempleo
  • Hacer una solicitud de asistencia de alquiler
¡Llame ya al 617-712-3487!