Have you saved the date for our upcoming event Wild Life: A Free Night at the Harvard Museum of Natural History?

Saturday, December 11, 2021, 5:15pm to 7:00pm EST. Leer en español and register here (advance registration required by 12/11 at 4:45pm EST): https://bit.ly/WildLifeHMNH.
In this video watch Hear Me Out/Escúchame Latino/a/x teens describe the project and what it means to them. On Saturday you will have the opportunity to listen to their podcast as you roam the galleries looking for favorite creatures and visit activity carts.
The video was created by members of the Youth Media Program and directed by Evan Tingle of the Somerville Media Center – SMC, 2021.
For more information, or to apply to the second year of the program starting April 2022, please visit https://hmsc.harvard.edu/hear.
If you are a HMSC member you can use your member discount at the Shop at HMNH. Not a member? Use our 15% discount on general memberships here: https://bit.ly/HMSCGeneralMembership.