Housing and Community Preservation Coordinator

Housing & Community Preservation Coordinator

(Grant Funded)
Pay Class/Grade: USWA 8
Salary Range: $53,223.85/year – $66,689.24/year

As a function of the City’s strategic housing plan, the housing coordinator will assist with various facets
of housing and community preservation through planning and coordinating directives related to housing
enhancement, preservation, and creation. The purpose of this position is to perform responsible
professional and administrative work in support of the City’s the Affordable Housing Trust Fund, and the
Community Preservation Committee. The Housing Coordinator directly coordinates the implementation of
programs under the purview of these boards and assists the Department of Planning and Development
with carrying out the City’s housing agenda. Position coordinates efforts to responsively meet
professional, administrative, and technical needs in an inclusive and collaborative manner. The position is
responsible for the effective and timely completion of assigned responsibilities to ensure project
completion, quality, and integrity. This position is funded through the Community Preservation
Committee and Affordable Housing Trust Fund.
BS/BA degree preferred in the area of planning, policy, public administration, or a related field. Two
years’ experience in responsible position related to municipal government, housing, planning and
development, community development, and/or project management.
Negotiation, problem resolution, and interpersonal skills demonstrated through similar experience. Very
good communications skills. Ability to effectively engage and interact with general citizenry and a
diverse range of stakeholders. Working knowledge of city and housing planning principles and practices.
Working knowledge of the functions of municipal government, local bylaws, rules and regulations.
Knowledge of the roles of the Community Preservation Act and Affordable Housing Trust Fund. Ability
to communicate clearly and accurately, including ability to communicate complex information in a simple
fashion. Ability to interact with the public in a courteous and tactful manner. Aptitude for an attention to
details, organization, and accuracy. Must be ambulatory and have transportation for any site activity
requirements. Bilingual (English and Spanish) helpful.
Qualified candidates submit a cover letter and resume to Human Resources, City of Chelsea,
500 Broadway, Chelsea, MA 02150. Email to jobs@chelseama.gov , or fax to: (617) 466-4175.
Application forms are available in the Human Resources Department, Room 301.
The City of Chelsea is an Equal Opportunity Employer