Major Public Art Unveiled in Chelsea’s Downtown

Mural Unveiling

Chelsea Resilient: Call and Response Through the Ages

a new work by artist David Fichter

Saturday, November 13, 2021

11 am in Bellingham Square

472 Broadway, Chelsea

Muralist David Fichter’s work, Chelsea Resilient: Call and Response Through the Ages, will be unveiled on Saturday, November 13, 2021 at 11 am on Fifth Street between Broadway and Cherry Street.


Across 80 feet, Chelsea Resilient traces the rich history of this Massachusetts city from its beginnings as Winnisimmet, when Native American peoples fished and dug mussels on the banks of Chelsea Creek, to the urban, diverse city we know today. Across four centuries this community has repeatedly risen to overcome challenges and tragedies, responding with energy, heartfelt mutual concern, and an unquenchable drive to rebuild. The struggles and successes of each generation of Chelsea residents echo across history with a message of courage, determination, and optimism. Our past, present and future are linked in a continuous call to action and grassroots response, the defining character of Chelsea and its people.


The mural is the culmination of 18 months of work by the artist. A Steering Committee guided the overall design while dozens of members of the Chelsea community contributed to the research, provided reference images, and contributed their likeness to the telling of Chelsea’s story.


Celebration includes performances by the Chelsea International Band and Carmen Villalta’s Salvadoran Folklore Dance Group “Torogoz.


Funding was provided by the Chelsea Cultural Council through their Heritage Celebrations Grant program and supplemented by municipal funds allocated by the Chelsea City Council for art in the downtown.


Roadway Murals

Division Street and Chelsea Square a River of Color

Saturday, November 6, 2021

11 am starting on the Broadway side of City Hall

Division Street was once one of the city’s most unpleasant alleyways. Since 2019, progressive efforts are transforming the area into a Neighborway – that is, an attractive, shared street where people walking, on bikes and in vehicles can all safely pass.


Celebrate with us the completion of four blocks of roadway murals on Division Street stretching from Hawthorne to Pearl Street along with another big roadway design on Winnsimmet in Chelsea Square.


Following a concept by artist Liz LaManche working with Neighborways Design, individual artists painted designs scattered along the roadway. A Community Painting Day last summer brought in dozens of helpers to fill in hexagon shapes. Rugged thermoplastic was professionally installed where standing up to traffic wear is most needed.


During our “dog parade” this Saturday we’ll walk from City Hall through Division Street to show off the results.


Walking Tours

Learn about Your Neighborhood

Jewish Chelsea with Ellen Rovner

Sunday, November 7 at 11 am.

Meet on City Hall Plaza, 500 Broadway.

Reserve your space here.

Waterfront with Pepper Fee

Sunday, November 14 at 2 pm.

Meet in front of 73 Winnisimmet St, at the corner with Williams St.

Reserve your space here.

Join local historians who share their deep knowledge about some of the familiar places you see everyday right here in Chelsea. Can’t attend the tour? Find the virtual tours available on the Chelsea Prospers website.

Pearl Street Mural

Silvia López Chavez at work

GreenRoots and its team of ECO (Environmental Chelsea Organizers) youth partnered with Chelsea artist Silvia López Chavez for a new mural on the side of ROCA’s offices downtown. The design is a blooming garden made up of 33 national flowers representative of the diversity of Chelsea’s residents. The design can be found at Pearl Street side of the building at the corner of Essex Street.

Funding was provided by the Chelsea Cultural Council through their Heritage Celebrations Grant program.