New Funding Available to Provide Utility Assistance for Chelsea Residents

Due to the pandemic and high natural gas prices worldwide, electricity and gas supply prices are expected to be very high this winter. The City of Chelsea has provided additional funding to support and supplement existing utility assistance programs.
The new funding comes from an allocation of the City’s ARPA (American Rescue Plan Act) funds. The money is available to income-qualified Chelsea residents who are not eligible for existing utility or rent assistance programs, or for those who have already exhausted those options.
All low-income Chelsea residents are eligible for these programs, regardless of immigration status. Residents can apply for funding through a variety of ways:
  • Call CAPIC at 617-884-6130 and ask about the Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP)
  • Call Metro Housing Boston at 617-425-6700
  • Call TND (The Neighborhood Developers) Connect at 617-712-3487
  • Call La Colaborativa at 617-889-6080
Chelsea residents are also reminded that they can ask their current utility providers if they are eligible for reduced payments. If you are a National Grid customer, contact 1-800-503-5172 to ask about payment options. If you are an Eversource customer, contact 1-800-592-5000 to ask about payment options.
We urge residents to apply for funding, or inquire about reduced payments now in order to avoid debt in the future.