Power of Parenting in Chelsea

Families First Sees Overwhelming Success in Chelsea

Many Communities Outside of Boston are Eager to Run the Power of Parenting Program


We are excited to share the launch of our first Power of Parenting program outside of Boston. Beginning in August 2019, we expanded our program to the City of Chelsea. Not only did we take an important step into a new community, but it was one of our most successful Power of Parenting programs, graduating 19 out of 20 parents.
This program made Families First history. Beyond reporting the highest graduation rate that we’ve seen in the Power of Parenting program to date, five parents had perfect attendance and 100% of parents reported that they are highly likely to recommend the program. “I think the comfort level of the language capacity was huge,” said our program partner. “It was a major barrier breakdown for community members.”

It is evident that programs like this are both appreciated and needed in the area. Next year, Families First plans to expand the number of programs offered in the City of Chelsea, engaging even more parents and benefiting even more children during the important early years of life.

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A Father Describes His Experience

“As a father, I thought my role was just to make money, take it home, and that will solve it all… but in this program, I discovered that’s not true.”


Congratulations Graduates!

Parents graduating from the Power of Parenting program pose with their certificates of completion at the first-ever program in Chelsea!