The Chelsea Collaborative is hiring

The Chelsea Collaborative is hiring, are you looking for an exciting opportunity, do you have what it takes? Then consider applying, all interested people, please submit your cover letter and resume to contact person on the position listing.

Overview: The Chelsea Collaborative’s (Collaborative) mission is to empower Chelsea residents to enhance the social, environmental and economic health of the community and its people; and hold institutional decision makers accountable to the community. Wherever there is a problem, a concern, a need or an injustice, we work with the community to address the issues. The Collaborative’s programs and projects include: the Chelsea Citywide Tenants Association, the Chelsea Latino Immigrant Committee and its Workers Center, the Shanbaro Community Association and its Boston Bantu Girls Group, the Chelsea Voter Initiative, the Summer Youth Employment Initiative, Youth Committee, and the Chelsea Community Fund.

Position Summary: The Chelsea Collaborative is seeking a full time Youth Navigator. Candidates must have experience working directly with youth and community resources serving youth. This position will be partially funded by the City of Chelsea. The ideal candidate will be able to work with the City of Chelsea, organizations serving Chelsea youth, and most importantly Chelsea youth to actively connect Chelsea Youth in the re-constitution of the Chelsea Youth Commission and actively connect Chelsea youth to existing and emerging positive youth related activities, encouraging and helping youth to enroll in activities that could protect from existing risk factors while contributing to expanding their life horizons.

The Youth Navigator will be based at the Collaborative and will receive supervision and support from the Chelsea Collaborative’s Director of Youth and Families Department. The Youth Navigator will oversee the Youth Organizing Teams, Work in partnership with youth and staff to develop an organizing plan to address housing, education and immigration issues affecting youth in Chelsea. The Youth Navigator will also provide support on the Summer Youth Employment Initiative. The Collaborative’s youth programs seek to provide youth not only with a source of income, for those who are afforded employment with the organization, but a sense of responsibility and self-esteem. The Collaborative connects youth to mentors, community resources, and encourages civic participation. The primary goal of all Collaborative youth programs is to engage young people in community change while decreasing engagement in risky behaviors.

Responsibilities include, but are not limited to the following:
 Implement Youth Organizing Model
 Hire and train 10 youth leaders
 To develop a youth needs assessment for the City of Chelsea working with college and university research departments and Chelsea youth leaders.
 Connect Chelsea youth to existing and emerging youth organizations, activities and resources
 Hold weekly drop in sessions to assist youth with resumes, job applications, college applications, and connect them to community resources
 Participate in HUB meetings to assist in providing urgent support for youth and their families
 Engage with families and guardians of youth as needed to connect them to the work of the Collaborative and community resources, dependent on youth needs
 Identify youth trends, needs and aspirations for existing and future youth activities in Chelsea with youth through the Collaborative’s youth programming, the Chelsea Youth Commission, and work with partner youth agencies
 Provide support to the Summer Youth Employment Initiative
 Maintain youth and program data for quarterly and year end reporting to City of Chelsea

High School diploma required, Bachelors degree or higher recommended
Minimum of two-three years of demonstrated experience in the youth services field
Must have experience working directly with youth, preferably ages 14-21
Bilingual in English and Spanish
Strong verbal and written skills in English and Spanish
Research and data analysis experience required
Knowledge of Chelsea and previous experience working with Chelsea youth, a plus
Knowledgeable about academic, employment, mental health and other community resources for youth
Good computer skills – Microsoft Office, e-mail, database software, desktop publishing a plus
Strong organizational and interpersonal skills
Good administrative skills including meeting planning and facilitation skills
Ability to work with a diverse range of people and motivate them to become involved in community work
Enthusiastic, flexible, self-motivated, dependable, responsible and creative.
Commitment to social justice and youth empowerment a must
Ability to work evenings and weekends
Ability to work comfortably in a multi-cultural setting
Experience with Summer Youth Employment Initiative, or similar youth employment and enrichment program, a plus

Please send Resume and cover