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The City of Revere is closely monitoring the COVID-19 outbreak in Massachusetts and taking proactive steps to support containment efforts and prepare for further spread of the disease. Regular updates will be shared at Revere.org and via social media.

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A New Victory Garden Movement Afoot

“In some ways we’ve been preparing for this all our lives as organizers and as small-scale farmers. As we see the systems we’ve come to rely on show their cracks, we are called to rise to the moment,” says Leah Penniman in this piece on the emergence of corona “victory gardens”. Sign up to be part of the Cooperative Gardens Commission to exchange knowledge and start your own garden!

“The growing global pandemic is quickly making clear how fragile and dysfunctional our food system is behind the scenes, and how dangerous this is for all of us… our country is being confronted with a crucial opportunity to change the nature of this system once and for all, to make certain that our collective wellbeing does not depend on the systematic exploitation of hard-working and economically disenfranchised populations.” – Sarah Reinhardt, Union of Concerned Scientists in Pandemic Exposes Plight of Food Workers Who Have Long Fought for Justice

Spreadsheet of Spreadsheets!

There’s a lot of information circulating right now, so we’ve compiled a few key sources that have come our way into this compilation spreadsheet that we hope will make it easier for you to make sense of it all. You’ll see various ListServs you can get tapped into and then COVID-19 resources relevant to food systems leaders compiled from across the country, and organized by category. This is an open and working document, we hope you find it helpful.

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