Volunteer 2021 Position The Neighborhood Developers

In order to better serve our community, The Neighborhood Developers is running a survey of the
local community and will need people to help administer these surveys. This position entails
going out to assigned addresses in the community and encouraging residents to fill out
community surveys. The persons must be able to accurately and quickly record responses and
return these responses, in good condition, to a recorder at the TND office. Due to the nature of
the work, surveyors will work in pairs, making punctuality and interpersonal skills necessary.
There are positions available for the Chelsea Resident Satisfaction Survey. Position runs
through August 2021.
● 18 years old or older
● Proficient in English or Spanish (Bilingual preferred)
● Able to navigate a 10 block area, map provided
● Reliable and punctual
● Works well with others
● Able to record information legibly
● Able to work with little or no supervision
● Able to walk and stand for 2 hour periods