ZUMIX- Big Worlds show

BIG WORLDS is an explorative concert series that began in 2020. Taking place at the ZUMIX Firehouse, BIG WORLDS is a multi-sensory concert experience that features vendors, projection installations, local music artists, and the best of ZUMIX’s youth performers. This year’s iteration will feature four fantastic nights: Hip-Hop, Salsa, R&B, and Vogue. We will also have activated environments with the help of Brighter Boston and Digital Soup.

February Line-up:

Music: DJ Troy Frost, Camarie “Biggie” Jones, Seefour, Cakeswagg

Environments: Maria from Digital Soup

Lights: Brighter Boston

Vendors: Dose of Osa, Aldea Maya, Beaded Inspiration, One Piece @ a Time, In Your Ears Records