A-TÍPICO: A New Latinx Play Festival

Virtual Readings on
April 9-10 & 15-17 at 7pm EST
Tickets are Free ($10 suggested donation)
• April 9 @ 7pm: Before We Focus on Others by Diego Lanao
• April 10 @ 7pm: Malas Mañas by Alejandra Ramos Riera
• April 15 @ 7pm: Anormales by Fernando Vieira & SAA (not that one) by Luis Roberto Herrera
• April 16 @ 7pm: Binary Star by Guadalupe Flores
• April 17 @ 7pm: Flood by Alicia Margarita Olivo
Before We Focus on Others by Diego Lanao
Presented in English (with a bit of Spanish)
An overly confident relationship counselor’s attempts to save his marriage of 21 years when his wife announces she wants a divorce, ultimately propelling him to seek out advice from his own children…and from a different relationship therapist.
Malas Mañas by Alejandra Ramos Riera
Presented in Spanish (no subtitles)
A 37-year-old former inmate is released after serving a long sentence for a crime he committed in self-defense. Once on probation, he decides to reconnect with his father, facing the difficulties of adjusting and reintegrating into society, starting with his own family.
Apollinaire Theatre Company
announces call to performing artists for the 2021/22
Resident Artist Program at the Chelsea Theatre Works
Q&A sessions on April 7th, at 1:00 and 6:00.
RSVP to: artists@chelseatheatreworks.com at least an hour before the gathering for a link.
Open House on Saturday April 24 from 2-5
Choose your performances at any time through December 2022.
Save on your tickets & Support Apollinaire at this crucial time! With your support Apollinaire will return to the stage strong in 2021!