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Noche de Café con Leche: Apoyando a Nuestros Seres Queridos Coffee Talk: Supporting Our Loved Ones

Event Details


Date: Tuesday, March 23

Time: 6pm – 7pm

No registration required. Stream live on our Facebook page.

Detalles del Evento

Fecha: Martes, 23 de marzo

Hora: 6pm – 7pm

No es necesario registrarse. Transmisión en vivo en nuestra página de Facebook.

This webinar will cover important information for the Spanish-speaking community about caring for our loved ones during the pandemic. Have a cup of coffee and join us from the comfort of your home or office.

Teatro Chelsea announces A-Típico: A New Latinx Play Festival

Teatro Chelsea announces

A-Típico: A New Latinx Play Festival

(Festival Director Carla Mirabal Rodriguez)

In the American theatre space, the Latinx narrative reflected on stage can tend to revolve around narrow topics like the “border” or “disaster” play. While shedding light on the ongoing crisis on the Mexican-American border and the aftermath of natural disasters like Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico are narratives deserving of attention, these stories can overly narrow the breadth of Latinx experiences in the United States. Teatro Chelsea’s new Latinx play festival, A-Típico, aims to showcase and expand the focus on underrepresented Latinx stories. The festival also looks to present universal stories: not Latinx plays but plays by Latinx playwrights.

Offering creative space for Latinx artists to grow and express their work, A-Típico will feature a selection of English/Spanish/Bi-lingual full-length plays and a night of short plays presented online in the style of a workshop: The scripts will be read by professional actors and the company of actors and audience will then be able to share feedback with the playwrights to help them in the development of their work.

The festival, running from April 9-17, will be run by Teatro Chelsea’s Artistic Associate Carla Mirabal Rodríguez with Program Director Armando Rivera. Ms. Mirabal, a director, actor, and theatre artist from San Juan, Puerto Rico, first joined Teatro Chelsea to assistant direct their production of Melinda Lopez’s Sonia se fue. She is a recent graduate of Northeastern University where she received a BA in Theatre Performance, and she is the theatre advisor at The Newman School in Boston.

Ms. Mirabal is passionate about theatre as a tool for social change and deeply believes in improving the theatre industry in terms of equity and representation.

“With the A-Típico: New Play Festival, we want to turn the focus to Latinx voices and stories that don’t usually garner the national spotlight. Latinx cultures are beautiful, joyful, and diverse. We want to develop work where we are able to see every part of ourselves represented, rather than only instances of pain, suffering, and trauma. This is not to say that these are not realities in many Latinx communities, but rather to show that we are so much more as well. This festival strives to highlight these stories and ensure that they are developed.”

Teatro Chelsea received 46 submissions from across the United States and Latin America and will announce March 17th on their website and social media those scripts chosen to be a part of the festival!

Information on how to log on and view the festival will be posted at:


Up next for Teatro Chelsea: El Camino II over Memorial Day Weekend. Teatro Chelsea produced their first El Camino (or “The Walk”), over Halloween weekend. Original bi-lingual Halloween-themed vignettes were performed in storefront windows in downtown Chelsea allowing for spectators to enjoy theatre in a Covid-safe way. The surprise and enjoyment of watching window performances has proven to be more than just a Covid-era substitute for traditional theatre, but an exciting way in its own right to share the art form.

The upcoming El Camino II will revolve around the theme of celebration and connection, sharing stories about the cultural bridges that are built when an immigrant makes Chelsea their home.

Teatro Chelsea celebrates Latin cultures, showcases and fosters local talent, builds community in Chelsea through arts engagement and collaboration, and is establishing a hub for Latin artists in the Boston metropolitan area. Teatro Chelsea creates theatre at the crossroads of languages, cultures, and histories that make up the Latin experience, and seeks to amplify and honor the voices that speak to these unique experiences.

Teatro Chelsea is supported by MassDevelopment’s TDI Creative Catalyst Grant.

Is it your time to get vaccinated? / ¿Es su momento de vacunarse?

Dear Patients and Residents:

East Boston Neighborhood Health Center (EBNHC) is currently offering the COVID-19 vaccine for people 65+ years old, people with 2+ certain health conditions, and people who live or work in low-income and affordable senior housing. Beginning March 11, all K-12 educators, child-care workers and K-12 school staff will be eligible to schedule appointments for the COVID-19 vaccine.

Vaccine Eligibility

EBNHC is following the Commonwealth of Massachusetts’ vaccination plan. We are offering vaccine appointments to our eligible patients and eligible community residents. Visit for information about eligibility, including a list of qualifying health conditions. EBNHC is also texting eligible EBNHC patients.

Vaccine Clinics and Scheduling

Eligible EBNHC patients and residents can schedule a vaccination at one of EBNHC’s vaccination sites. There is no out-of-pocket cost for COVID-19 vaccination. We ask for your insurance information if available and bill your insurance, but you do not need to have insurance to schedule an appointment and receive the vaccine.

To request an appointment, visit or call 617-568-4870. Vaccinations at EBNHC locations are by appointment only.

Vaccination clinics are located at:

·     Chelsea: La Colaborativa, 318 Broadway

·     East Boston: 120 Liverpool Street

·     Revere: 10 Garofalo Street

·     South End: South End Community Health Center, 1601 Washington St.

Thank you for your patience and continued commitment to our collective safety: masking, socially distancing, and hand-washing are still critical to protecting our community.


Your friends at the East Boston Neighborhood Health Center


Estimados pacientes y residentes:

El Centro de Salud Comunitario de East Boston (EBNHC por sus siglas en inglés) actualmente ofrece la vacuna contra el COVID-19 a personas mayores de 65 años, a personas con 2 o más condiciones de salud y a las personas que viven en viviendas de bajos recursos o en viviendas asequibles a los mayores de edad. Empezando el 11 de marzo, todos los educadores y el personal de las escuelas de los grados de K-12 y los educadores de cuidado de niños, serán elegibles para programar la cita para la vacuna contra el COVID-19.

Elegibilidad para la vacuna

EBNHC está siguiendo el plan de vacunación del estado de Massachusetts. Estamos ofreciendo citas para vacunar a los pacientes y a los residentes de la comunidad elegibles. Visite para obtener más información acerca de la elegibilidad de vacunas la cual incluye una lista de condiciones médicas serias que califican dentro de esta fase. EBNHC también está enviando mensajes de texto a los pacientes de EBNHC elegibles.

Clínicas de vacunas y programación

Los pacientes del EBNHC y los residentes elegibles pueden programar su cita en cualquiera de los sitios de vacunación del EBNHC. No hay ningún costo por la vacuna contra el COVID. Si tiene seguro le pediremos la información de este y le cobraremos a su seguro, pero no necesita tener seguro para programar una cita o para recibir la vacuna.

Para pedir una cita para la vacuna, visite la página o llame al 617-568-4870. Las vacunas solo están disponibles por medio de citas en los centros de vacunación del EBNHC.

Las clínicas de vacunación están ubicadas en:

·     Chelsea: La Colaborativa, 318 Broadway

·     East Boston: 120 Liverpool St.

·     Revere: 10 Garofalo St.

·     South End: South End Community Health Center, 1601 Washington St.

Gracias por su paciencia y por comprometerse a mantenernos todos a salvo: usar la mascarilla, practicar el distanciamiento social y lavarse las manos siguen siendo fundamentales para proteger a nuestra comunidad.


Sus amigos del Centro de Salud Comunitario de East Boston

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