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Apollinaire Theatre presents HIR by Taylor Mac

Taylor Mac’s sly, subversive comedy begins with prodigal son Isaac returning from the war, only to find a house in revolt. Liberated from an abusive marriage, his mom Paige is on a crusade to dismantle the patriarchy. His sister Maxine is no longer his sister but his transgender/genderqueer sibling Max who uses the pronouns ze and hir. His once violent father is being fed estrogen and dressed as a clown. But in this anarchic reimagining of the classic American kitchen sink drama, annihilating the past doesn’t always free you from it.

Performances of Hir are February 14-March 8, 2019

Fri. & Sat. at 8:00, Sun. at 3:00

Performances are at the Chelsea Theatre Works, 189 Winnisimmet St., Chelsea.

Tickets are $30, $25 seniors, $15 students

Tickets can be purchased by calling (617) 887-2336 or on-line at
Information and directions at

Performances will be followed by a Reception with the actors.

Running Time: estimated 2 hours with one intermission



Peggy and the Mad Scenes @ Chelsea Theatre Works

About the show: One morning in 1780, a woman named Peggy Shippen seemed to go stark raving mad. Her husband, Benedict Arnold, had been accused of treason — and so Peggy came down to breakfast, scantily clad and tormented by hallucinations. That morning came to be known as the Mad Scene. Using minimal technical elements and a cast of four, Peggy & the Mad Scenes examines this pivotal moment in American history and the effect one woman had on some of the nation’s most legendary figures. Presented as part of the Resident Artist Program at Chelsea Theatre Works.


Promo Code: ChelseaResident for $5 off!

Power of Parenting in Chelsea

Families First Sees Overwhelming Success in Chelsea

Many Communities Outside of Boston are Eager to Run the Power of Parenting Program


We are excited to share the launch of our first Power of Parenting program outside of Boston. Beginning in August 2019, we expanded our program to the City of Chelsea. Not only did we take an important step into a new community, but it was one of our most successful Power of Parenting programs, graduating 19 out of 20 parents.
This program made Families First history. Beyond reporting the highest graduation rate that we’ve seen in the Power of Parenting program to date, five parents had perfect attendance and 100% of parents reported that they are highly likely to recommend the program. “I think the comfort level of the language capacity was huge,” said our program partner. “It was a major barrier breakdown for community members.”

It is evident that programs like this are both appreciated and needed in the area. Next year, Families First plans to expand the number of programs offered in the City of Chelsea, engaging even more parents and benefiting even more children during the important early years of life.

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A Father Describes His Experience

“As a father, I thought my role was just to make money, take it home, and that will solve it all… but in this program, I discovered that’s not true.”


Congratulations Graduates!

Parents graduating from the Power of Parenting program pose with their certificates of completion at the first-ever program in Chelsea!


The Chelsea Collaborative is hiring!

The Chelsea Collaborative is hiring. We are looking for 3 individuals with a passion for educational justice and desire to work with youth.

Consider joining our organization, below you will find the links of the open positions.

New England Local News Ecosystem news consumer survey

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5:00 – 8:00PM



February 2020 Community Black History Month Events

February 4 Tuesday 5 – 7pm City Hall Art Reception Chelsea City Hall, 500 Broadway,
Chelsea Art, Poetry, African and African American Artifacts by local artist. Refreshments
February 17 Monday 5pm Cook Off Community Dinner
La Luz de Cristo Iglesia, 738 Broadway, Chelsea. Dinner
February 20 Thursday 5:00 – 8:00pm Black History Month Celebration Williams Middle
School. 180 Walnut Street, Chelsea, MA
Special Recognition Honoring – “Chelsea Trailblazers” and Dynamic Keynote Speaker
Educational Artifacts, Entertainment, Activities for Children, Henna, Door Gifts, Vendors,
and More!!! Dinner
February 28 Friday 6 – 8pm Evening of Performing Arts Dance Groups, Singing
Performances, Fashion Show, Comedy Acts. Clark Avenue School, 8 Clark Avenue.

Information on the new Law in Massachusetts

A new tobacco law in Massachusetts is now in place and it affects where tobacco and vaping products can be sold.  These changes are designed to reduce the youth vaping epidemic in Massachusetts and stop tobacco companies from targeting and addicting young people.  The tobacco and vaping industries have long targeted youth, LGBTQ populations and communities of color, resulting in terrible health consequences for the public.

Here’s a simple summary of how the law will change where and what tobacco and vaping products can be sold.

  • The new law substantially restricts where e-cigarette and nicotine vaping products and flavored tobacco products can be purchased.
  • Now all flavored e-cigarettes and nicotine vaping products can only be purchased for on-site consumption at licensed adult-only smoking bars in Massachusetts.
  • Non-flavored nicotine products with a nicotine content of 35 milligrams per milliliter or less can continue to be purchased at stores licensed to sell tobacco products like convenience stores, gas stations, liquor stores and bodegas.
  • Non-flavored nicotine products with over 35 milligrams per milliliter of nicotine content can only be purchased at licensed, adult-only retail tobacco stores and smoking bars.
  • Beginning on June 1, 2020, menthol cigarettes and other flavored tobacco products like cigars and flavored chewing tobacco can only be purchased for on-site consumption at licensed, adult-only smoking bars.
  • Also on June 1, 2020, the price of e-cigarettes and nicotine vaping products will increase because of the addition of a 75% excise tax on the wholesale price.

The new law substantially restricts the sale of flavored tobacco and nicotine products to protect youth since flavors, including mint and menthol, are a leading reason they start using them.  Local Boards of Health have the authority to assure that the new law is being followed by retailers in their communities.   For more information, visit

Contact Edgar Duran Elmudesi at the Metro Boston Tobacco-Free Community Partnership, or 617-451-0049 x549 to learn more about how this new law will protect youth from tobacco addiction and fight the tobacco industry’s targeting of youth, LGBTQ and communities of color with vaping products and menthol cigarettes.

Help for those who want to quit vaping, smoking or using other tobacco products is available at 1-800-QUIT-NOW (1-800-784-8669) and  Organizations that want to support people in quitting can contact Edgar Duran Elmudesi for information and guidance on simple strategies they can implement.


New law blurb for the public (Flyer)


Pre-Kindergarten 2020 – 2021

The Chelsea Public Schools will be holding a lottery for pre-school
programs (ages 3 and 4 by August 31, 2020). A limited number of seats
are available at the John Silber Early Learning Center for the upcoming
school year 2020-2021. Transportation is not provided for these programs.
How to Enter the Lottery:
Lottery Applications will be available February 3 through February 14
at the Parent Information Center from 8:00 AM – 3:30 PM.
Lottery Applications MUST BE COMPLETED at the Parent Information
Center with the child’s birth certificate.

Lottery Information:
When: Wednesday, February 26, 2020 at 6:00 PM
Where: John Silber Early Learning Center (Gymnasium)

Please contact the Parent Information Center at 617.466.5500 or the
John Silber Early Learning Center at 617.466.5150 if you have any


Las Escuelas Públicas de Chelsea llevarán a cabo un sorteo para
programas pre-escolares (edades 3 y 4 antes de 31 de agosto, 2020). Un
número limitado de asientos están disponibles en el John Silber Early
Learning Center para el próximo año escolar 2020 - 2021. No habrá
transportación para estos programas.
Cómo Participar en el Sorteo:
Las Solicitudes del Sorteo estarán disponibles desde el 3 de febrero
hasta el 14 de febrero en el Centro de Información de Padres de
8:00 AM - 3:30 PM.
Las Solicitudes del Sorteo DEBEN SER COMPLETADAS en el Centro de
Información de Padres con el certificado de nacimiento del niño/a.
Información del Sorteo:
Cuándo: Miércoles, 26 de febrero 2020 a las 6:00 PM
Dónde: Gimnasio del John Silber Early Learning Center
Póngase en contacto con el Centro de Información de Padres al
617.466.5500 ó el John Silber Early Learning Center al 617.466.5150 si
usted tiene alguna pregunta.
1 163 164 165 166 167 168