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The Science of Happiness, Health & Well-being during COVID-19

National Institute for Health Care Management Foundation

Transforming Health Care Through Evidence and Collaboration


The Science of Happiness, Health & Well-being

Health, happiness and well-being are top of mind for many as we progress through these uncertain times. This new Data Insights explores the science of happiness, highlights the critical role that happiness plays in your health and well-being, and provides key insights into how you can boost your happiness through intentional actions and strengthened social connections. By understanding the science of happiness, we can begin to identify ways in which we can all move toward a place of greater contentment and emotional well-being.

See the Data Insights

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Chelsea Resident Alert

The City is aware that a lot of people in our community are struggling to access food, either because they no longer have a source of income or because they must quarantine at home while someone is sick. With the help of the Baker Administration, the City is working to mobilize all available resources to help.

Later this week, members of the Massachusetts National Guard will be coming to Chelsea to help with the distribution of food and other essential supplies.

There is no need to be alarmed by the presence of the Massachusetts National Guard.  These are not ICE or Immigration police.

The Guard will be here solely on a humanitarian mission to provide help to the City, at the City’s specific request.  They may wear a uniform, but they are not the U.S. military.  The women and men of the Massachusetts National Guard live in every community in the Commonwealth, including in Chelsea.  In this humanitarian effort, they will be working alongside employees from the City of Chelsea and partners from the Salvation Army and other nonprofit organizations, to help you.

The members of the Massachusetts National Guard will not inquire about your immigration status, nor about how you arrived in this City. Your documentation status is of no concern to them.  They are just here to help you during this emergency.

La ciudad está en conocimiento de que muchas personas en nuestra comunidad tienen dificultades para acceder a alimentos porque ya no tienen una fuente de ingresos o porque deben permanecer en la casa en cuarentena mientras alguien está enfermo.  Con la ayuda de la Administración Baker, la Ciudad está trabajando para movilizar todos los recursos disponibles para ayudar.

Al final de esta semana miembros de la Guardia Nacional prestarán su apoyo a los esfuerzos de distribución de alimentos y suministros esenciales a los residentes de Chelsea.

No hay necesidad de alarmarse. Estos no son agentes de ICE o policías de inmigración.

Las mujeres y los hombres de la Guardia Nacional de Massachusetts viven en todas las comunidades de la Commonwealth, incluso en Chelsea.  En este esfuerzo humanitario, trabajarán junto con empleados de la ciudad de Chelsea y organizaciones aliadas como son el Salvation Army y otras organizaciones sin fines de lucro.

Los miembros de la Guardia Nacional de Massachusetts no le preguntarán sobre su estado migratorio ni sobre cómo llegó a esta ciudad. Su estado de documentación no les concierne. Solo están aquí para ayudarlo durante esta emergencia.

Apollinaire Theatre Company presents: Special Guest Melinda Lopez! Jaws! Apollinaire at Home!

Special Guest playwright
Melinda Lopez
joins us to read Sonia Flew
“lopez pulls us into a world that seems poignant, magical, forever alluring.” — miami herald

Apollinaire Theatre invites you to
Apollinaire at Home
a free online play & film script
reading gathering
(by video meeting)!
(no need for stage fright, it’s not a performance!-
we’re gathering together to read for fun!)

Readings will be Thursday, Friday, and Saturday evenings at 7:30, and Sunday “matinee” at 3:00.

Here’s how it works:

Getting Ready:
• Click the name of the Play/Movie on our homepage to get a link to the script. (or above)
To read the script you can
– download and print it, or
– read it on a separate phone/ipad/computer, or
– if your screen permits, you can be in the video conference and read it on the same screen.

The Event Begins:
• Log-in to the meeting, by clicking the date of the reading on our homepage. (or above)
• We will start to gather online in the video meeting room at 7:00pm. (2:30 Sunday)
— We would normally provide refreshments, but since Zoom doesn’t give us the option to hand you a glass of wine, we suggest having your own snacks and drinks at the ready.

• When you join, please click the chat button and let us know if you are interested in reading a major role, smaller role, or being part of the audience.

• At 7:30 (3:00 Sunday) sharp we’ll draw names, you’ll pick your role, and we’ll read!

• Following the reading, we’ll stay on line for a half hour for folks who’d like to discuss the play/film.

No worries if you are not among the technologically gifted. We’re as new to this as you are, and there’s sure to be some glitchiness at first, but with a bit of humor and perseverance we’ll make this work!

Looking forward to reading with you!!

(617) 887-2336


Apollinaire at Home
this week’s schedule:

Thursday March 26, 7:30 (gather 7:00-7:30)
Sonia Flew
with Special Guest playwright Melinda Lopez
by Melinda Lopez
•Hosted by Andrea Lyman

Friday March 27, 7:30 (gather 7:00-7:30)
by Peter Benchley and Carl Gottlieb. Based on novel by Peter Benchley
•Hosted by David Reiffel

Saturday March 28, 7:30 (gather 7:00-7:30)
Out of Sterno
By Deborah Zoe Laufer
•Hosted by Andrea Lyman

Sunday March 29, 3:00 (gather 2:30-3:00)
Dr. Strangelove
By Stanley Kubrick & Terry Southern, Based on the novel “Red Alert” by Peter George
•Hosted by David Reiffel

Thanks so much for your support
during this precarious time,

Please click here to donate by PayPal,

or contact us if you’d like to Sponsor
Apollinaire at Home.






  • Worried about Rent or Eviction?
    Unable to pay your rent this month due to loss of wages? Don’t panic – your landlord should NOT try to evict you! It is the City’s goal to prevent evictions from happening in this crisis. The message below is from the City Manager, but it is NOT legal advice. This is best practice advice from a City trying its best to manage in an unprecedented public health crisis.
    If anyone is being threatened with physically being removed from their apartment at this time, CALL THE CHELSEA POLICE.  In most cases, the Landlord will be engaged in an illegal eviction, and the Police will be able to immediately stop it.



  • One Chelsea Fund:  ALL Chelsea families will be eligible for a $250 cash benefit directly from the funds raised through The One Chelsea Fund. 



  • Please consider donating to The One Chelsea Fund through the United Way.  Any and ALL funds raised will go directly to Chelsea families impacted by the COVID-19 Pandemic.  None of the dollars raised will go to any organization and NO Fees will be incurred.  


  • CPS School Food Program:  Your children do NOT have to be present!  A parent can pick up and request the number of breakfast and lunches they need to feed all children in the family.  Find the times and locations here.



  • Support from School Social Workers available during School Closure 


Chelsea Public Schools is committed to supporting our students and families. Students who would like to speak with a school Social Worker can now do so by emailing


Durante este tiempo de cierre de la escuela, estamos comprometidos a proporcionar apoyo social y emocionante a nuestros estudiantes y familias. Los estudianties que desean hablar con un trabajador social de la escuela pueden enviar un correo electrónico a 




***You can also call the Public Charge Hotline at 617-988-0609 and speak to a lawyer at no cost!


  • What happens if I get sick?  Guidance if parents or caregivers get COVID19 to help plan for who will take care of your children

Emergency Family Planning Guide in Spanish


Emergency Family Planning Guide in English




  • A comprehensive and accessible guide from the National Child Traumatic Stress Network that includes information on family preparedness during the COVID-19 pandemic, age-specific reactions to stress that children might experience, and recommendations on how to help children cope with anxiety and fear


If you are a parent and need help dealing with stress or anxiety, you are not alone! There is a helpline for you: SAMSHA Disaster Distress Helpline at 1-800-985-5990 or text TalkWithUS 667466

Immigrant Families are in Crisis

Immigrant families are in crisis and they are being left behind by ongoing COVID-19 emergency response efforts. We need your help to protect these vulnerable families, ensure their basic needs are met, and slow the spread of the virus in our community.


As a city of immigrants and working families, many of our Chelsea neighbors survive day to day, without a safety net or emergency savings. Chelsea housing costs have been rapidly rising and even with previously high rates of employment, very few families earn a living wage and have been able to save for an economic crisis of this magnitude.


The City of Chelsea and community organizations like the Collaborative do not have access to the same philanthropic resources as nearby Boston. We are a small, densely populated city with tremendous needs among our diverse residents.


Thousands of our neighbors are suddenly and unexpectedly without wages – with numbers growing every day. Parents are at home with their children – isolated without food, access to medical care, internet connection, or reliable, multilingual information. Undocumented workers – now without wages – can’t qualify for unemployment. Many people are living in overcrowded apartments and some still face eviction.


I’m asking you to make an emergency gift today to support major expansions in community outreach and services that the Chelsea Collaborative is leading in response to COVID-19.


We are mobilizing to protect the health and well being of immigrant families. We have more than doubled our reach in just a few weeks, and fully remotely. As a small organization, we are beyond capacity and needing to deploy new resources to meet the many needs of our community. Updated information about the Chelsea Collaborative’s COVID-19 emergency response are available on our website.


Your gift will help us ensure that immigrants are not left behind in COVID-19 emergency response efforts.


Medical Masks for First Responders
A group of jornaleros (day laborers) in Chelsea, who lost their jobs as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and statewide shutdown, have come together to support first responders and help undocumented families in Chelsea weather the financial crisis. Read More>

Chelsea emerges as COVID-19 hot spot

One Chelsea Fund

The people of Chelsea, Massachusetts need your help urgently.

The One Chelsea Fund, established with the United Way by the City of Chelsea and community partners (the Chelsea Collaborative, GreenRoots, and the Neighborhood Developers), provides direct assistance to local families in dire need because of the pandemic.

Chelsea is home to some of the most vulnerable groups in the Boston region: newly-arrived immigrants, undocumented families, non-English speakers, and low-income workers and families with children. As a frontline community, Chelsea residents already experience greater public health challenges. The economic, social, and health impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic were immediate and dire for the many in Chelsea who live one paycheck away from serious financial hardship. COVID-19 has magnified the ongoing struggles of our community: unstable and unaffordable housing, food insecurity, low wages, lack of English proficiency, and high rates of uninsured.

Our community partners are coordinating the thoughtful distribution of your donations with 100% going to Chelsea families.

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