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Stand in Solidarity With Eastie

Join us on Monday morning at the MA Supreme Judicial Court where the Conservation Law Foundation will represent GreenRoots in our appeal of the EFSB approval of expediting 14 state and local permits for the substation.

Join Us for World Asthma Day

This Saturday, GreenRoots will host a health and wellness event at our Teaching Kitchen for World Asthma Day. Come learn about cooking without harmful air emissions, learn about healthier cleaning products, test soil from your yard/garden for lead and so much more!  We will be raffling an indoor air purifier and an air fryer.

GreenRoots Annual Meeting

A Celebration of Leadership, Community and Continued Commitment to Environmental Justice! Help us to recognize and celebrate Neris Amaya, Dr. Madeleine Scammell, Gerry McCue, Rob & Linda Caro, Chelsea DPW and Graduating ECO Youth Crew Members!

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