Immigrant Families are in Crisis

Immigrant families are in crisis and they are being left behind by ongoing COVID-19 emergency response efforts. We need your help to protect these vulnerable families, ensure their basic needs are met, and slow the spread of the virus in our community.


As a city of immigrants and working families, many of our Chelsea neighbors survive day to day, without a safety net or emergency savings. Chelsea housing costs have been rapidly rising and even with previously high rates of employment, very few families earn a living wage and have been able to save for an economic crisis of this magnitude.


The City of Chelsea and community organizations like the Collaborative do not have access to the same philanthropic resources as nearby Boston. We are a small, densely populated city with tremendous needs among our diverse residents.


Thousands of our neighbors are suddenly and unexpectedly without wages – with numbers growing every day. Parents are at home with their children – isolated without food, access to medical care, internet connection, or reliable, multilingual information. Undocumented workers – now without wages – can’t qualify for unemployment. Many people are living in overcrowded apartments and some still face eviction.


I’m asking you to make an emergency gift today to support major expansions in community outreach and services that the Chelsea Collaborative is leading in response to COVID-19.


We are mobilizing to protect the health and well being of immigrant families. We have more than doubled our reach in just a few weeks, and fully remotely. As a small organization, we are beyond capacity and needing to deploy new resources to meet the many needs of our community. Updated information about the Chelsea Collaborative’s COVID-19 emergency response are available on our website.


Your gift will help us ensure that immigrants are not left behind in COVID-19 emergency response efforts.


Medical Masks for First Responders
A group of jornaleros (day laborers) in Chelsea, who lost their jobs as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and statewide shutdown, have come together to support first responders and help undocumented families in Chelsea weather the financial crisis. Read More>